Energy Efficiency Requirements

Many applications, whether static or mobile, today require a safe and reliable power supply. FRIWO’s I.T.E. (information technology equipment) power supply units have always set standards. And the new, next-generation FOX platform allows the company to exceed the high quality standards that its customers have come to expect. FOX power supply units are smaller, more powerful and more efficient than their predecessors. FRIWO’s new technical concept has again increased energy density. Thanks to a patented interchangeable adapter system, its devices are suitable for use under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments. New: the optional IP42 adapter from FRIWO is an interchangeable adapter system that offers additional protection for use in damp environments.  Minimal leakage current means that FRIWO’s power supply units are also ideally suited for use with measurement technologies, because they prevent unwanted influences that distort measured values. The FOX product family meets the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2016 DOE energy-efficiency level VI standards.
The harmonization of European thresholds with the U.S. standard in 2017 is currently under discussion. As a result, FRIWO already offers devices that exceed future statutory requirements, ensuring the worldwide use of your application.

Choosing FOX today is an investment in the future, offering security tomorrow and beyond.

What are the statutory requirements?

The statutory requirements have intensified over the years due to the technical progress. California published firstly statutory requirements by the California Energy Commission (CEC), then the EU followed with the Eco Design Directive 2009/125 / EC and finally there were limiting values for the entire US and many other countries.
Based on these guidelines, the “International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies” has been developed, which allows a classification of the limiting values into so-called Efficiency Levels.
At present, there are different requirements throughout the world. External power supplies distributed in Europe must comply with the limits of Efficiency Level V. In the USA, devices have to comply with Efficiency Level VI since 10th February 2016. In Australia and New Zealand, Efficiency Level III is a minimum standard and in some countries Efficiency Level IV is still mandatory. Beyond these mandatory standards, there are further voluntary standards, e.g. the European Code of Conduct in version 5.

Efficiency Level


Effective Date



Minimum Energy Performance Standards

MEPS Step 1 (verpflichtend)

01.12.08 (Aus)

01.04.09 (NZ)


New Zealand


Minimum Energy Performance Standards

MEPS Step 2 (freiwillig)

01.12.08 (Aus)

01.04.09 (NZ)


New Zealand


Energy related Products (ErP) (verpflichtend) 01.11.2008 European Union


Department of Energy Standards

DoE Standards for EPS Class B (verpflichtend)

10.02.2016 United States of America
CoC v5 Tier 2 Code of Conduct Version 5 (freiwillig) 01.01.2016 freiwillig

Which devices are affected?

The requirements apply to external power supplies in the consumer market. IT equipment, audio / video equipment and household appliances are explicitly described here. There are exceptions for medical devices, chargers, LED drivers and for professional devices:

  • There are currently no limiting values for medical devices
  • Battery chargers are differentiated in real chargers, direct and indirect power supplies. There are wide differences between these cases. For real chargers, there are currently no mandatory limiting values. In the USA, direct power supplies have to fulfill the Efficiency Level VI and Efficiency Level IV applies for indirect power supplies
  • For LED drivers, different requirements apply in the EU

Which marking is  required?

There are no additional marking requirements in the EU, the conformity with the standards and directives of the EU is confirmed by the CE mark.
The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand stipulate an identification according with the International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies and require to print the Roman numeral.

List of countries with marking requirements:

Countries Marking Effective Date
United States of America efficiency marking: VI 10.02.2016
Australien und Neuseeland efficiency marking: III or IV 01.12.08 (Aus) – 01.04.09 (NZ)
Europa CE 04/2011

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