C8000 Battery Testing System. Affordable lab-grade accuracy and power

Whether validating cutting edge lithium battery research or quanitfying the energy needs of a new battery-powered IOT device, the C8000 may be the most complete battery testing system available.

he Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself in flexibility and affordable price. Test SMBus batteries, monitor cell balance and capture load signatures to observe batteries with a unique load protocol. Add a thermal chamber, an external load bank, a safety circuit and alarm to form a command center and you begin realizing the unique qualities of this fine battery testing system.

  • 4 independent digital drivers for maximum flexibility
  • 1.2V – 36V, 10A charge and discharge per channel
  • 100W per channel on charge; 80W on single channel discharge, 160W dual channel, and 2400W with external load bank.

Service Programs

The automated programs are grouped into Basic, Advanced, Rapid-test and Custom programs.

basic Programs

Charge Applies fast charge; trickle when applicable.
Auto Exercises batteries with charge-discharge-charge. Applies recondition on nickel-based batteries to reverse memory if user-set target capacity cannot be reached.
Prime Prepares batteries with discharge-charge-discharge by repeated cycling until maximum capacity is reached. The first reading is the spare capacity before charge.
Extended Prime 16-hour trickle charge prior to Prime. Prepares difficult to charge batteries
Boost Activates batteries that became deactivated due to low discharge.

Advanced Programs

Load Test Tests batteries under simulated GSM, CDMA and other discharge protocols, 50μs steps; minimum setting 500μs.
Runtime Allows three different discharge levels; programmable in hours and minutes.
Lifecycle Cycles battery until the performance drops the target capacity.
Self-Discharge Measures self-discharge. Identifies stresses leading to compromised safety.
Discharge Only Prepares battery for storage. Also checks charger function.
Load Capture Simulates real life conditions with pre-recorded load. Requires PC-BatteryLab™ and Load Capture Unit to record load signature.


OhmTest™  Measure battery resistance with DC pulses 13 seconds; based on IEC61436.
Impedance  Measures battery resistance with 1000Hz signal. Channel 1 only.
Note: Readings of a reactive device differ with DC and AC test methods.

Custom Programs

These programs allow user-defined settings of charge, discharge, recondition, wait and repeat. You can set conditional gates that proceed on a different course if certain criteria are met. Custom works with PC-BatteryLab™ and has a limit of 100 user-defined programs.
One of the critical applications of the custom program is preparing a battery for shipping. You may also want to prepare a battery for storage.
Note: Supervision recommended in the absence of automatd terminations.

Accessories – 

C8000 Power and Auxiliary Port CablesC8000 Power Port Cables and Auxiliary Cables

Four Power Port Cable and four Auxiliary Cables are included as standard accessories. The Power Port Cable alone can be used for basic tests; the Auxiliary Cable manages sensing voltages and data.


RigidArm™ Universal Adapter                                                                                   The RigidArm™ simplifies connecting small (e.g. cellular phone) batteries. Spring-loaded arms meet the battery contacts from the top down and lockable mechanism allows quick and repetitive testing. The retractable floor holds the battery in vertical or horizontal position.



                                            Dual Power Port Cables (DPPC)                                                                                             Allows parallel connection of channels 1 and 2, or 3 and 4. Doubles current from 10A to 20A. Applies only to discharge. One Dual Power Port Cables is included as standard accessory.




Captures load signatures of up to 100A; digitizes the information and replays the recorded load protocol in the C8000 for simulated battery testing.



Adapter Unit 

The Adapter Unit provides access to SnapLock™ Battery Adapters Accommodates two batteries.

  • Over 3,200 SnapLock™ battery adapters
  • Provides quick and dependable interface
  • Allows the sharing with other Cadex systems